Feedly debuts Apple Watch app for wrangling all your must-reads in one place

After Google Reader died, Feedly became the go-to RSS reader for following all of your favorite websites. Now you can access your news feed on your wrist with Feedly for Apple Watch.

The Feedly team waited to roll out their watch app until after the device shipped to get a better idea of what the watch was really good for, and how Feedly would translate to a screen on your wrist. As you'd expect, the watch app lets you swipe through the eight best stories and Force Touch to save to read later, mark as read to avoid seeing them in your feed again, or tag them with descriptions for easy searching. Use the Digital Crown to scroll through the first lines of the story.

In an April blog post, Feedly design cofounder Arthur Bodolec described his team's watch development process and detailed some of their roadblocks: "It's really difficult to design an application for a device which has breakthrough use cases, new interactions, but you have never tried," he wrote.

The impact on you: Feedly took a similar approach as the New York Times and the far more rudimentary Google News & Weather apps for the watch, which isn't a bad thing--it's a quick and easy way to see information, and the options to mark as read or tag are unique. Feedly doesn't yet offer a view in Glances, but having the day's best stories available when you swipe up on your watch screen would be a welcome addition to the app. Clearly the developers are being thoughtful about Feedly's watch presence, so we expect to see more useful wrist-specific actions in the future.


Caitlin McGarry

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