Google App Engine adds Node.js support

You can now run Node.js on Google App Engine.

Google is announcing a partnership with Node.js enterprise platform provider NodeSource in which NSolid, NodeSource’s enterprise-level Node.js platform, will be on Google Cloud Platform, which features App Engine. Offered in a beta form this week, the runtime for the popular server-side JavaScript platform enables developers to build Web applications and mobile back ends with JavaScript and scale these systems on Google’s cloud. Previously, Google App Engine has supported development via Java, Python, PHP, and Go.

“NodeSource is partnering with Google to be the primary provider of an instrumented Node.js runtime on the Google Cloud Platform," NodeSource’s Mark Piening said. “This partnership will offer Node.js developers a simple, out-of-the-box solution for getting deep insight into their Node.js applications running on the Google Cloud platform.”

Google stressed tools available on App Engine for Node.js users. “When running Node.js on App Engine, you can use the tools and databases you already know and love. Use Express, Hapi, Parse-server, or any other Web server to build your app. Use MongoDB, Redis, or Google Cloud Datastore to store your data,” said Google’s Justin Beckwith, product manager for the Google Cloud Platform, in a bulletin detailing the Node.js support.

Users also can use Google tools such as Google Container Engine, for running Docker containers, or Google Compute Engine, providing virtual machines. The gcloud NPM module, meanwhile, enables use of Google APIs and services, including Google Cloud Vision API, for integrating vision detection features such as image labeling, and Google BigQuery, for querying massive data sets.

More will be coming from Google for Node.js. “This is just the start -- keep your ear to the ground to catch the next wave of Node.js support on Cloud Platform,” Beckwith said.


Paul Krill

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