Google Fit update enables workout tracking directly from Android Wear

Google Fit is more workout-friendly with its latest update, giving you the ability to start a walk, run, or biking session right from your watch.

Once you have the latest version installed, you can swipe right on your watch and look for the app labeled Fit Activity. You’ll see three options: walking, running, or biking.

Once you launch the activity, you’ll see a timer and a notification that the watch has located your GPS position (if you have a watch that includes this feature).

You can hit the pause button to put the session on hold or also call it off from this screen. You’ll also get a brief summary of the workout details once you’ve finished up. By default you’ll see the total time, distance, and steps from a walk or run - biking mode presents the speed. You’re able to do some slight customization here by touching the Change Metrics button to see different statistics.

If you want to check it out, grab the latest version of Google Fit from the Play Store or APK Mirror.

Why this matters: This is a nice, and badly needed, feature for Google Fit. One of the promises of a smartwatch is you don’t have to mess with your phone when you want to do a simple command like beginning a workout. Google’s fitness offering needs to keep pace with the likes of MapMyRunStrava, and others remaining popular.


Derek Walter

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