Google testing new password-free login method

Google is toying with a new feature that allows you to log in to your account with just your phone—no password required.

A Reddit user posted about the experience, which is being tested with a select group of users. As indicated in the screenshots below, once your phone is authenticated with Google, you just need to input your email address and you’ll then be granted access when logging in on a new device. 

There are no details about where you could sign up for trying this out, so it’s probably in very early stages. Google often tests out features with select groups before giving a wider audience access.

Why this matters: This test is part of Google’s long-running war against the password. In general, the company believes—and rightly so—that passwords are a poor method for account security. However, getting the population to switch over will take some time and will require an easy solution that works for all skill levels. In the meantime, you would do well to start using a password manager that will automatically generate ultra-secure passwords and store them across devices.


Derek Walter

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