HP inks SAP reseller deal

Hewlett Packard has struck an agreement with SAP to resell its Fortify application security software.

SAP is now offering the solution under the name SAP Fortify software by HP to help customers quickly identify and address software vulnerabilities. As an expansion to a longstanding reseller relationship, SAP Fortify by HP helps address security needs by enabling SAP customers to identify, triage and fix vulnerabilities in production applications, while also helping reduce risk by enabling security to be built in during software development. HP vice president and general manager, Fortify, Enterprise Security Products, Jason Schmitt, said an organisation could suffer significant financial loss, business interruption and brand damage should it detect a vulnerability too late.

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"With SAP Fortify by HP, SAP customers can now enhance the management of their software security risk by enabling proactive security testing throughout the entire software development lifecycle." Application security helps strengthen SAP's quality assurance portfolio of solutions, allowing users to Identify vulnerabilities early in the software development process, which is critical when attempting to combat potential cyber-attacks.

Using static application security testing (SAST) analysis and dynamic application security testing (DAST) solutions from HP, SAP Fortify helps provide an immediate, accurate picture of software risk across the enterprise so customers can isolate problem areas within their organisation as early as possible.

The offering delivers detailed reference information on the vulnerabilities to both developers and testing teams with instructions for correcting issues, enabling them to quickly patch weak spots and to help prevent future concerns of a similar nature. SAP global vice president, third party solutions, Tom Roberts, said the two companies enjoyed a long-standing relationship with a strong focus on quality assurance.

"Offering software that integrates code-vulnerability analysis across the entire software life cycle, securing applications wherever they are deployed -- on premises, in the cloud or on mobile devices around the world -- is another important step in helping our customers increase productivity, lower costs and accelerate time-to-market," he said. SAP Fortify integrates with other SAP testing solutions, including the SAP Quality Centre application by HP and SAP LoadRunner application by HP.

It can also be used with the SAP Solution Manager application management solution to manage software security issues across the enterprise.


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