IBM and Apple create mobile apps for finance sector

IBM and Apple have created mobile and tablet apps aimed at the finance sector, with Citi among those supporting the collaborative attempt to push iOS into the enterprise.

The range of 10 apps - which also target retail, government and travel sectors - are the first products to be launched since IBM and Apple revealed they would work together on business apps for iPhone and iPad devices.

For example, the Advise and Grow app offers bankers the ability to view client profiles and access analytics in order to make personalised recommendations on the move, as well as supporting secure transactions.

The Trusted Advice software helps advisors manage client portfolios, using predictive analytics to provide insight into data as well as offering the ability to test recommendations via modelling tools.

IBM announced Citi as one of the initial customers of the Mobile First platform, with the bank using the tools to improve customer-facing services.

"Mobile innovations are driving profound impact on how Citi delivers superior client experiences, particularly those that extend our enterprise expertise all the way to the point of customer contact," said Heather Cox, chief client experience, digital and marketing officer for Global Consumer Banking at Citi.

"There's terrific energy in our collaboration with IBM and Apple around the goal of equipping our professionals with mobile capability that will create new competitive advantage and enable us to re-imagine how we share our knowledge to improve the quality of life for our clients."

The two firms have also developed iOS apps for the insurance industry, offering functionality such as retention risk score analytics and the ability to conduct transactions including the collection of e-signatures and premiums.

Other services include Plan Flight for the aviation industry, Case Advice for government and Sales Assist for retail.

Apple has not typically been seen a big player in the enterprise space, but many believe the IBM deal will help the company gain traction with large companies, as well as helping IBM create mobile services.

However, some have suggested that the two companies will have to overcome certain barriers such as cultural differences to reach the full potential of the collaborative effort.


Matthew Finnegan

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