Nest users get a chilly awakening in the UK

File under First World Problems: Because of a time change glitch in the United Kingdom, some Nest Learning Thermostat users woke up a bit colder than usual.

Much like Daylight Savings Time in the United States, the United Kingdom sets its clocks forward for British Summer Time in the spring. This year's time change fell on March 29, setting clocks ahead of Greenwich Mean Time by one hour.

Some Nest thermostats apparently didn't internalize the time change. Despite showing a correct schedule, some users say their thermostats failed to turn on the heat at the appropriate time. As The Register points out, several complaints have popped up on Nest's forums and on Twitter.

It's unclear how widespread the issue is, though it's limited only to U.K. users. One support representative told The Register that a "couple of customers" called in about it, and there was "not enough information" to go on right now. Affected users may want to contact Nest support to provide more details.

In the meantime, one user suggested switching Nest's location to Belgium. It has similar outside temperatures, which Nest factors into its heating algorithms, and it should bump the thermostat's schedule ahead by an hour.

Why this matters: You don't have to shed a tear for U.K. Nest users--no one's freezing to death or suffering ruptured pipes here--but if we expect technology to make our homes more convenient, we also have to anticipate the occasional glitch. Nest is just showing that even the smartest homes of the future will sometimes have their dumb moments.


Jared Newman

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