IT-Trends 2004

One Big Idea? Try Many!

Von Piyush Singh
Einen zentralenTrend wird es 2004 nicht geben. Statt dessen sollten viele Ansätze erwogen und ausprobiert werden.

Quelle: CIO Asia

There will be no single technology or trend that will be the one big idea for 2004. In my opinion, IS organisations will pursue multiple technologies/priorities in 2004, as follows:

To sum up, organisations will continue to engineer andi ntegrate enterprise value-chains and value-networks through Web-based ICT infrastructure, applications and processes. The emphasis will be on consolidation, Web-enablement, security and simplification - to reduce the number of specialised technologies and integration points. CIOs will focus on providing higher business value and reaching out to their entire organisation in 2004.

Piyush Singh is Managing Director, IDCAsia/Pacific.

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