Oracle and Linux - A Match Made in Application Heaven

Von Laura DiDio
Die Linux-Strategie vieler namhafter Hersteller trägt Früchte. Im Bestreben die Abhängigkeit von Microsoft zu mindern, treten Preis, Leistungsfähigkeit und Verlässlichkeit in den Vordergrund. Die Yankee Group hebt Oracles Cluster Dateisystem hervor.

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Product Background

Oracle Corp. is the leader in the database market. Linux is the fastest growing server operating system and application server. Oracle has placed a big stake in the ground with its Linux offerings and is putting its research and development dollars where its mouth is.

The proof is in Oracle's impressive Linux product portfolio to which the new Oracle Cluster File System for Linux is the latest addition. Corporate enterprises should feel confident in installing this product. Early users and benchmark tests indicate that the Oracle Cluster File System for Linux delivers robust and reliable performance worthy of the most demanding enterprise loads.

Product Strategy and Trajectory

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