Perfect Blend is a smart scale that makes smoothies a cinch

Whipping up a smoothie should be easy—just dump a bunch of healthy ingredients in a blender and watch them transform into a tasty drink. Right Well, yes and no. Not all fruits and veggies complement each other, and sometimes one ingredient overpowers all the rest. Perfect Company, makers of Perfect Bake and Perfect Drink, have a solution: Perfect Blend.

Perfect Blend is a wireless kitchen scale and recipe app that guide you through the steps of measuring, weighing, and pureéing smoothies, soups, condiments, and all the foods that aren’t quite liquid and definitely not solid.

The app has 200 recipes to choose from, and you can filter them by dietary restrictions. The app also allows you to scale recipes if you need to make a big batch or just a solo cup. Then place a blender jar on the smart scale and start adding ingredients. After you follow the app’s recipe instructions, stick the jar back on the blender base and finish up your concoction.

The $100 Perfect Blend is expected to hit store shelves later this spring. We caught a first look at CES, but will give the gadget a deeper review when it officially launches.


Caitlin McGarry

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