Recorded Future aligns with other threat intelligence vendors

Recorded Future is teaming up with other security vendors to blend the threat intelligence they all gather so it’s easier for corporate security pros to connect the dots that reveal actual incidents that need attention.

With the Omni Intelligence Partner Network, businesses that are customers of both Recorded Future and participating partners can import threat intelligence gathered by the partners and display it within Intelligence Cards that are one interface within Recorded Future’s platform.

So the Intelligence Card for a particular suspicious IP address would include information gathered by Recorded Future but also information about that IP address gathered by any of the other Omni Intelligence partners.

The initial partners are FireEye iSIGHT, Resilient Systems and Palo Alto Networks.

Drawing on intelligence from multiple sources gives customers context for the threat being detected by their various intelligence platforms, says Christopher Ahlberg, Recorded Future’s CEO. Customers could have this information based on separate products they can buy, but with the partnership, they can see relevant data on one Recorded Future screen. That helps them fashion better responses to threats more quickly, he says.

What Recorded Future brings to the table is its intelligence gathered from unstructured data on the Internet such as security blogs that might shed light on threats that haven’t been caught yet in structured-data feeds, says Ted Julian, co-founder of Resilient, an IBM company.


Tim Greene

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