Shakeup at Citrix continues: CloudStack products sold off

When Citrix announced in November that it would spin off its popular GoToMeeting and affiliated products into an independent publicly traded company, some questioned if other parts of the company may be destined for change as well.

Today, Citrix announced it has sold its two cloud infrastructure management products: CloudPlatform and CloudPortal Business Manager, both of which are based on open source CloudStack.

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Citrix is selling the cloud products to Accelerite, which is owned by Persistent Systems. Accelerite focuses on cloud backup and recovery as a service. Persistent has a broader portfolio of cloud and other IT consulting products and services.

Details of the purchase, including the price, were not made available. It is expected to close early this year. 

Citrix bought into the cloud infrastructure management market with its purchase in 2011 of, which backed the open source CloudStack. It was once seen as a potential open source IaaS competitor to OpenStack, VMware and others. While the open source CloudStack community lives on, the neither product was able to capture major market attention.

Citrix will continue to sell its Workplace Cloud Platform, which is a product for delivering and managing virtual applications. By shedding the GoTo business and now the CloudPlatform business, Citrix is focusing on its core application virtualization product lines, most notably the healthy NetScaler and XenServer.


Brandon Butler

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