System Shock 3 confirmed by Otherside Entertainment

The teasing sure didn’t last long. Just a month ago, Night Dive hinted that maybe—maybe—there might be a System Shock 3 one day, the implication being that we’d get it after Night Dive completed the System Shock remake that’s currently in the works.

Surprise! System Shock 3 is in the works right now. 

But it’s not coming from Night Dive. On Monday, Otherside Entertainment—currently hard at work on Underworld Ascendant and helmed by Looking Glass co-founder Paul Neurath—posted this teaser page:

The Internet decided waiting was for suckers, and a member of the RPG Codex forum trawled the source code to find this page prepped for Sunday

That’s pretty conclusive. System Shock 3 is real. It’s happening. Take a second to get excited, squeal a bit, maybe pump a fist, and then…

The question now becomes one of scale. Otherside turned to crowdfunding for Underworld Ascendant, raising about $850,000 through Kickstarter. I did some back-of-envelope math and, well, I don’t think a similar campaign would raise enough money to fund the System Shock sequel everyone wants. You’d need a crowdfunding miracle like Star Citizen to get a budget in line with most modern first-person shooters.

Ouch. Reality. We’ll see what Sunday has in store—perhaps System Shock 3 is happening with the backing of a major publisher, or Bill Gates has been waiting his whole life to fund this game. It's hard to know for sure.

We’ll keep you updated.


Hayden Dingman

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