The Apple Store will give you credit for old Android phones

If you're ready to defect to the iPhone from Android or BlackBerry, the Apple Store will welcome you with open arms--and some store credit.

Apple retail stores are expanding their trade-in programs beyond the iPhone and iPad to include "select" smartphones from other manufacturers. Word of the new program first appeared on individual store websites, as spotted by 9to5Mac.

Apple has been offering credit for old iPhones and iPads at its retail stores since 2013. The company also accepts old Apple products and Windows PCs through its Reuse and Recycle website. This is the first time Apple will be offering store credit for Android and BlackBerry phones.

It's unclear how much you'll get for these devices compared to other tech buyback services such as Gazelle, NextWorth, and EcoATM. Apple hasn't posted any trade-in details for its U.S. stores, and Engadget reports that employees some locations aren't even aware that the program has begun. We've reached out to Apple for clarification.

Why this matters: It's extremely convenient to be able to dump your old phone while getting a discount on a new one, which might explain why all four major U.S. carriers now have their own trade-in programs. Apple is just making sure that its own stores have the same option--especially for users who can't wait to switch platforms.


Jared Newman

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