Tinder competitor LOV due to launch in UK with SparkDNA algorithm

A US startup called LOV has developed a dating app that uses an algorithm to determine matches based on your online footprint.

The app's algorithm, dubbed SparkDNA, determines appropriate matches based on an individuals' social media activity, including Facebook posts, digital bio, comments and so on.

The Atlanta-based company claims that the app, due to be launched on iOS and Android in 120 countries this spring, can determine core personality qualities before matching users with people who have complementary personalities and behaviours.

LOV's founder, CJ Carter, said: "We started LOV after realising that dating online was like rolling the dice, and sites that offer questionnaires for better dates are flawed and time consuming.

"People subconsciously have a false self-perception making questions useless. Using SparkDNA we help users create long-term relationships with less effort in meeting compatible matches."

Two of the most popular online dating platforms today are Tinder and match.com, but LOV Inc believes it combines the best of both.

"We have taken the ease of Tinder, added the "smarts" like Match.com (minus the questions, of course), and combined parameters needed to mimic real-life interactions to create an all new dating app," the company wrote in its press material.

Unlike Tinder and other platforms, LOV will start charging users based on the number of conversations they engage in over its platform, with conversations costing $1 each as soon as the user exceeds the free limit of five.

Carter told Techworld the limitation is a necessary feature to drive quality conversations through the app.

He said: "Sociologist Eva Illouz wrote, 'The experience of romantic love is related to an economy of scarcity.'

"Tinder became synonymous with 'hooking up' because they didn't understand this principle. Also, LOV has a built in revenue model so no subscription surprises later, only newer and better features."

There are currently 100 people testing the beta version of the LOV app but Carter said he is keen to spread the word when the app goes live to ensure people can find matches in their vicinity.


Sam Shead

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