Tip: Delete apps on Android Marshmallow without leaving the homescreen

In prior versions of Android, you had to go poke around in Settings in order to delete an app from your device. In Android Marshmallow, Google simplified the process to the point where you just need to drag and drop an icon.

Find the app you want to uninstall, either in the app drawer or on the homescreen. Press and hold that app’s icon for a moment until your phone buzzes. If you can delete the app, a trash can icon with the word “Uninstall” next to it will appear at the top of your screen.

Drag the icon to the trash can to delete the app. Android will ask you to confirm that you want to delete the app: Tap OK, and that app will be deleted from your device.

You can’t delete apps that come bundled with Android—you can only delete apps you downloaded separately from Google Play. You can, however, remove apps from the homescreen using this same trick. But instead of dragging the app’s icon to the Uninstall icon, drag it to the Remove icon—a large X—instead.


Nick Mediati

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