Top firms for training, retention, benefits and career development

Organizations make it onto Computerworld's 100 Best Places to Work in IT list by excelling in training, benefits, retention and career development, among other attributes.

Let's take a look at the companies that topped each of those categories in 2015.

The No. 1 organization for training this year is a newcomer to the Best Places list -- RKON Technologies , a Chicago-based cloud services provider that has experienced tremendous growth since its founding in 1998. It invests heavily in its employees, offering IT staffers up to 30 days of training per year and a host of ongoing career development opportunities.

Add to that competitive salaries, pop bonuses, work-from-home options, team dinners and sporting events, and it's clear why employees say RKON is a great place to work.

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The No. 1 organization for benefits is CAD software maker Autodesk. The San Rafael, Calif., company budgeted 4% for salary increases this year, reimburses for college tuition and tech certifications, and offers 22 paid days off after one year of service.

In terms of company culture -- dogs are welcome in the office, telecommuting is an option for most workers, and U.S. employees are offered a six-week sabbatical after four years of service. All great ways to attract and retain IT talent.

The No. 1 organization for career developmentand for employee retention is another newcomer, Bounce Exchange.

This New York startup, which makes behavioral automation tools for digital marketers, depends heavily upon its developers, engineers and service team members. The company's strategy is to hire top technologists who are self-motivated but also willing to grow and learn from their peers.

To keep that sense of teamwork going outside office hours, Bounce Exchange sponsors retreats, poker tournaments, karaoke parties and board game nights -- all of which create an atmosphere where employees are likely to stay aboard rather than jump ship.

If you work at a place with great training, benefits, retention and/or career development, and you'd like to see it highlighted here next year -- nominations for 2016 are open now.

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