UltraServe increases its push into the Asian region

Australian managed Cloud services provider, UltraServe, has announced plans to increase its push into Asia as a result of an invitation-only tour with commerce platform provider, Hybris.

Hybris is an SAP company, which welcomed Sydney-based UltraServe into its Hybris Extend program in October 2014.

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UltraServe is the program's only Infrastructure and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider and according to its CEO, Samuel Yeats, the Asia Pacific region is one of the fastest growing areas in the world for Hybris.

"We're the only Cloud offering-endorsed platform for Hybris in this region and we host about 90 per cent of all Hybris customers in A/NZ, so this accelerated drive into Asia represents a terrific opportunity both for us and for Hybris," he said.

According to Yeats, UltraServe's capitalising on the global popularity of its SmartStack PaaS offering and the Hybris alliance will further bolster the company's advancement into Asia. He further added that the channel will be a key factor in its growth plans.

"We've always worked on a channel model and it's something that's very important to UltraServe. It's key for us going forward especially as we focus on the e-commerce sector, scale and expand," he said.

UltraServe's Asian expansion is in line with its international growth plans too. Yeats claimed international capacity is a core element of its mapped growth.

"The plan is for them to roll out to 20 countries with us over the next 20 months. As well as reaching out to new customers with activities like the Hybris Global Summit in Munich and this Asian sales tour, we're building up our internal capacity to meet this international demand," he said.

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