Valentine's Day Gift Idea: Amazon Has Discounted Devices Through Feb 13

The definition of "last minute shopping" has changed. Thanks to services like Amazon Prime, you can order a gift with as little as 2 days notice with no financial or marital consequence whatsoever. (wink wink: 30-day Prime trial located here)

Amazon has discounted several devices and device bundles through February 13th, hoping to create an attractive option for all of you last-minute shopping fans.

[If you're new to e-readers, take a minute to read: How to Choose the Right Amazon e-reader]

If you've completely run out of time, try Amazon Prime as your gift this year (hint: no shipping time required). It's not currently discounted -- but a year of free 2-day shipping, music and streaming movies (compliments of you, big spender) should hit the spot this Valentine's Day. And if you live under the same roof, you'll be able to use it too. It's probably best if you don't mention that part until later, though.


By DealPost Team

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