VCE Innovation Delivers Scale, SDN Choice, and Operational Simplicity

In today's extremely fast-paced IT economy, there is no time to sit on your hands. This is particularly true of the converged and hyper-converged market. ESG Senior Analyst Colm Keegan and I are seeing tremendous innovation taking place in the space, with an insane amount of money changing hands--between investors pouring silly amounts of money into emerging technologies and IT professionals doubling down in their investments in converged/hyper-converged systems.

One well-known entity, of course, is VCE. The company has executed well by deploying Vblock systems that provide a more turn-key approach for implementing virtualized infrastructure. This also has enabled IT to distance themselves from being in the integration business by embracing more modern IT consumption models. 

While other IT vendors have made attempts to jump over into the fast lane, VCE continues to keep the foot pinned on the accelerator with additional scale, new systems, and shared intelligence. We would expect to see even more from VCE as we march through 2015.

The company's recent announcements not only provide further support and innovation for the Vblock, but also give a glimpse into some customer choices with the VxBlock. Initially, the VxBlock offers a couple of SDN flavors with VMware NSX or Cisco's ACI, but one would also suspect that the choices will grow from here with the server component being a potential next option for customers to choose from.

Scalability is also of high importance to VCE customers. IT professional's want the ability to scale within and across data centers. The VCE Vscale Architecture provides for just that: a consistent fabric across Vblock systems and a further simplification for data center operations to expand infrastructure investments onto a standardized platform. 

Choice and scale can breed complexity and this is where VCE pulls in Vision Intelligent Operations. This software aggregates information across multiple systems utilizing technology extensions to provide a real-time operational view for the data center operator. The days of tracing wires and looking for amber lights are dwindling. VCE respects the time of the IT professional by providing the visibility, monitoring, and reporting capabilities to keep IT running at peak performance, while helping to mitigate risk.

The moral to the story here is that VCE is not just an integrator of server, storage, and networking gear. Its level of innovation is increasing, newer advanced systems are being introduced, and customers seem to be interested with these enhancements....very interested.


Mark Bowker

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