Why do contextual ads fail

The issue of the decade is privacy.

We used to have it. We still expect it. But everyone keeps taking it away.

Hackers take our privacy away when they breach the companies we do business with.

Governments take our privacy away when they conduct mass surveillance or industrial espionage.

And companies like GoogleGoogle, FacebookFacebook and AmazonAmazon take our privacy away when they harvest our personal data and monitor our online and offline actions to serve contextual ads and content to us. Alles zu Amazon auf CIO.de Alles zu Facebook auf CIO.de Alles zu Google auf CIO.de

Ironically, of these three major categories of privacy-violating organizations, people are generally most vexed by the third -- tech companies that track us in order to serve up more relevant ads and content -- even though it is, or should be, the least harmful.

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