Windows 10 will reportedly be finished in July, just like AMD's CEO said

Microsoft is reportedly still planning to release Windows 10 in late July. This time around the rumors aren't coming from AMD's CEO, but two Windows watchers with sterling track records for leaks.

Both The Verge's Tom Warren and Russia-based leaker WZor say we can expect to see Windows 10 in late July; however, the two are reporting slightly different things.

Warren reports that Windows 10 is on track for a late July release. He doesn't come out and explicitly say it, but Warren's report suggests the late July release would be a public launch to users. Microsoft even considered announcing a July release date during the Build conference in April, Warren says. 

WZor, on the other hand, is reporting that late July is the release to manufacturing or RTM date.

There are typically two stages to a typical Windows release: RTM and the public release. RTM is when the Windows code is finished and sent to PC makers to pre-install on new PCs. Windows has typically been released to users about 90 days after the RTM release via retail discs, or in the case of Windows 8 and 8.1, online upgrades.

The story behind the story: So far, the past hasn't been a reliable guide to how the Windows 10 release cycle will play out. That's probably due to Microsoft transitioning to the new "Windows as a service" model. Under the new model, Microsoft will continue to develop and release new features for Windows 10 continuously, and users will continue to receive them as long as their device is "supported."

For Microsoft's vision to work out it has to release software updates more rapidly than before. A nimble release schedule may mean the company won't make an official release announcement until much closer to the actual launch date.

Rapid to manufacturing

Supporting the idea that Windows 10 will have a quicker release schedule, Warren reports that the time between RTM and the public release will be smaller than previous Windows rollouts.

After the Windows 10 official debut in late summer we can expect further iteration on the operating system. Warren says Microsoft's new browser, Edge, will get extension functionality later in 2015--Microsoft so far hasn't specified when extensions will land in Edge. Then in 2016 we can expect to see a major Windows 10 update dubbed Redstone


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