Astronaut Plays Flute With Friends...From Space

There are plenty of floating around (haha, get it) , but Cady Coleman's tour is special. Instead of showing us how she , or one of her on the phone, Coleman shows us how she relaxes--she plays the flute.

Coleman's video, which was produced for Dart Music International House, starts by giving us a short tour of the station in search of a place where she can play her flute without disturbing the other astronauts. She ends up on cupola of the station, which is located in the center (astronauts sleep at the ends of the station) and has a gorgeous view thanks to its many windows.

Coleman shows off three flutes she's brought from Earth, in addition to her own--a silver flute from Ian Anderson of British rock band Jethro Tull, an Irish flute from Matt Molloy of Irish musical group The Chieftains, and a tin whistle from Paddy Maloney (also of The Chieftains). This is perhaps the coolest part of the video, not only because she's brought multiple flutes to space, but because she shows them off in zero-gravity.

"Space is so special, I've been here twice before, but never really lived here. And I know how special it is and it's the kind of place and experience that you really want to share and to help other people that space belongs to all of us," Coleman says.

Coleman then shows us the awesome view of Earth and ends with a flautist's rendition of 'Honey, I Miss You.' She plays with "her band," thanks to an accompanying recording on a laptop. Overall, this is an amazing, well-produced videos with all the elements of success: music, breathtaking views, and, of course, no gravity.

[DMI House via The Escapist]

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