Business Process Management Report


Business Issues

There are very few green-field systems development opportunities any more. Virtually every company, of any significant size, already has a mass of systems and associated databases in place to support its operational needs. Butler Group believes that many organisations often fall short in their ability to enhance existing solutions in order to face new company challenges when they appear. For most organisations, it is not so much a lack of ability within internal IT departments, although of course there are exceptions. It is more likely to be a lack of flexibility within the existing systems.

There is an urgent need to develop solutions that allow data to be passed between disparate operating systems, manage application-to-application integration, and application-to-human interactions, and BPM is being promoted as the vehicle to achieve this. The key is to provide the ability to respond to change whenever and wherever it occurs. BPM enables business users to adjust to complex business scenarios with a rules-based solution that deals with the issues of the day. BPM also helps increase profitability through productivity improvements, reducing error and cycle times, and the automation, wherever possible, of manual business processes.

It is our view that going down the BPM route provides significant advantages over other similar technologies; Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), or Workflow, to name but three. However, there is a need to have a serious look at the maturity of the BPM business model, and there must be doubts about the ability of organisations like the Business Process ManagementBusiness Process Management Initiative (BPMI) to impose standards upon an industry that has a tendency to go its own way. All of these issues are addressed within this report, and our findings will almost certainly upset a number of established process management vendors, especially those that have positioned themselves within the BPM arena, but in reality have nothing new to offer. Alles zu Business Process Management auf

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