Expect your local Apple Store's accessory selection to get smaller

Apple is giving its in-store accessory selection a makeover--literally. The company is reportedly working with accessory makers like Mophie, Incase, and Logitech to redesign their product packaging so everything sold in Apple stores has that distinct Apple aesthetic.

Expect accessories to appear in new packaging as soon as next week. 9to5Mac reports that Apple just notified its retail employees about the overhaul. Products from partner companies will appear in Apple's signature clean, white boxes with higher-quality product photos, Apple's preferred fonts, and clearer compatibility labels.

Accessory makers that aren't partnering with Apple to redesign their packaging will see their cases, docks, and cables disappear from store shelves. It's unclear whether Apple specifically chose the few partners now on board or whether it extended the redesign invite to all licensed accessory makers, but the company has been issuing stricter requirements for partners. They can't design new products around supply chain leaks, instead, they have to wait for official Apple specifications. They must also comply with Apple's environmental standards.

Why this matters: Some of your favorite iPhone, iPod, Mac, and Apple Watch accessory manufacturers may no longer be available in Apple Stores because of how their product packaging looks, but the real reason could be an environmental one. Apple recently doubled down on its commitment to using sustainable materials and reducing packaging waste, and by tightening requirements on accessory makers, the company could make its stores even greener.


Caitlin McGarry

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