Google Calendar spreads international cheer with holidays for 54 new countries

Next time you’re headed to The Bahamas, you won’t have to worry about missing Majority Rule Day.

This holiday and several others that might not have been on your radar screen are among the celebrations from 54 different countries that can now be displayed in the Google Calendar app for Android and iOS.  

You can select a particular country and choose to display those holidays right inside your calendar.

Google Calendar’s smart suggestions feature also gets some international flavor, with support for more than 30 new languages. This feature autosuggests people and locations to add to a new calendar entry. A Google blog post outlines all the newly supported languages, which includes Spanish, Italian, German, and French.

Why this matters: Google Calendar is a major piece of the company’s apps suite, which is offered to businesses, academic institutions, government, and of course general consumers. It often gets better over time with such improvements, since Google is quite good at adding context to information with all of the search and language data it possesses. 


Derek Walter

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