IDF 2014: Developers must address security and privacy concerns as IoT grows


"So you really have to build it in at a technology layer, and then you have to build it in at a practice layer."

Developer opportunity

Davis pointed to statistics which illustrate the size of the internet of things market, with 50 billion devices - from wearables to smart building sensors and connected cars - expected to be linked by 2020. This will generate 35 zettabytes of data and enabling $19 trillion of economic savings and be a multi-trillion market by the end of the decade, according to analysts estimates.

Achieving this level of connectivity will rely on an ecosystem of suppliers and developers that can create the a vast range of new software and hardware, said Davis.

"These are all big numbers, but the real reason to care about the internet of things is the impact it is going to have on our lives and the kind of things that you as developers can create by working together," said Davis.

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