IDF 2014: Developers must address security and privacy concerns as IoT grows

Developers will play a fundamental role in the adoption of the internet of things, but must be aware of the security and privacy risks as billions of devices become connected, said Intel's internet of things (IoT) chief, Doug Davis.

Speaking at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, Davis said that developers face a number of challenges in creating IoT-related services - such as around interoperability, manual provisioning of large numbers of devices, and particularly security.

"The fundamental gap that we hear from developers in creating solutions is that it is essential to be able to trust in the device as well as in the data that they generate," he said.

"You have to be able to know that the device you are using is secure and the data that it is delivering back to the data centre or cloud continues to be of high integrity throughout the lifecycle of that product."

Data privacy is another area which must be at the forefront of developer's mind as the IoT landscape matures.

"When you get into confidentiality and privacy a lot of it comes down to the manufacturer of the device itself, and their openness to 'opt-in' type scenarios for the consumer using those devices," said IBMIBM's vice president of WebSphere product management, Michael Curry. Alles zu IBM auf

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