IDF 2014: Developers must address security and privacy concerns as IoT grows


He said: "With all of these different types of data from end point devices, different industries and the desire to be able to look at combinations of data, data normalisation becomes incredibly important in terms of being able to make all of these devices interoperable - they have to be able to speak the same language ultimately."

Wider adoption

According to John Magee, CMO of General Electric's software arm, also speaking at IDF, developers begin to expand their areas of focus across different industry verticals, helping to increase use of IoT systems.

"One of the interesting things we are seeing is that there is a lot more leverage between different industries, and developers are looking at patterns that can be repeatable instead of just staying in their silos," he said.

"Industries such as healthcare, aviation, transportation, mining and so on have performance and maintenance and all kinds of things in common, so it is possible to see a lot of reuse in those areas. That sharing is really going to accelerate the adoption of these IoT technologies."


Matthew Finnegan

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