InMotion's smart vehicle is the perfect way to scoot around CES

LAS VEGAS--I live in New York City, so I have no use for a vehicle, but now I kind of want one. After scooting around a showroom floor on InMotion's new self-balancing R2, I might need this cheaper, smarter Segway successor in my life.

When you hop on the new R2, you use your body and the quick gesture handlebars to propel the vehicle forward, make turns, or throw it in reverse. The R2 isn't a replacement for a car or a scooter--it zooms up to 9 mph and can make it up a 24-degree incline, which isn't all that impressive, but it's perfect for sidewalk roaming. The vehicle comes with a headlight and rear blinkers for safe commuting, and the handlebars detach from the wheels, turning the R2 into the only vehicle you can reasonably carry (and it's only 36 pounds).

InMotion's app lets you program the R2 with geofencing to prevent kids from scooting away with the vehicle. You can also set up the app with a GPS locator to help you track down a missing or stolen R2.

At $2500, the InMotion R2 isn't exactly in my price range, but if you happen to be in the market for a relatively affordable cruiser, the smart vehicle starts shipping this March.


Caitlin McGarry

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