Microsoft will bypass carriers, push Windows 10 updates directly to phones

One of the biggest arguments against Android is the issue of fragmentation. And while the debate rages as to whether fragmentation is that big of a deal, it's apparently an issue that Microsoft wants to sidestep entirely with Windows 10.

In a post published earlier this month to Microsoft's Blogging Windows blog, Microsoft stated that its "continuous update process [will apply] to all Windows 10 devices, including phones." On Friday, ZDNet's Ed Bott confirmed with Microsoft that this means what we all hoped it means--that all Windows 10 mobile devices will get the same updates at the same time.

ZDNet notes that carriers will still be able to test Windows 10 updates, but that updates will roll out all at once for everyone on every carrier.

The story behind the story: Microsoft's Windows 10 update policy is a break from the Android world--where carriers and manufacturers have a major say as to which devices will get updates and when--and is more in-line with how Apple handles iOS updates. It also means that Windows 10 phones will be more likely to receive important security updates as they become available.

But there's a catch...

Even though Microsoft says that Windows 10 phones will get updates simultaneously, you might not be able to get Windows 10 on your phone right away: According to ZDNet, it may take a few months for carriers to roll Windows 10 out to all compatible devices after the new OS debuts this fall, so you will need to be patient at first. Still, Windows 10's update policy looks to be a welcome step in the right direction for users.


Nick Mediati

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