Spot the hubris: A case of the pundit pot calling the Apple kettle black


Oh, you mean why iPad sales would not have been down, not why you believe that. Oh. Ohhhh.

It's because it fills a psychological hole. It provides an excuse to spend hundreds of dollars on something that is not absolutely necessary.

So, wait. Maxcer's argument here is that Apple is not listening to customers and not giving them the features that they're crying out for. Yet these features are all present in devices that sell worse than the iPad. And, the Macalope doesn't know if Maxcer knows this, but you can actually buy keyboards for the iPad. Today! How is this all supposed to make any sense

They will continue to buy into Apple, not because the device is the pinnacle of awesomeness. They will continue to buy into Apple because Apple is--at least right now--the stickiest consumer tech company around.

Look, it's fine to criticize the iPad. Clearly there is something up with the tablet market so it's reasonable to ask questions (if you want to read some good analysis, read this piece by Ben Bajarin). But this argument--"Apple devices are the best but they have not attained an imagined state of perfection so they must assume features I like that are on devices that don't sell as well."--reveals more about the hubris of the writer than about any in Cupertino.


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