Spot the hubris: A case of the pundit pot calling the Apple kettle black

You know how terrible it is when kittens turn into cats, right Everyone was all "Awww, kitten!" and now they're like "Big deal, it's a cat." That's the point we've reached with tablets.

"Apple Is Confusing Tablet Leadership With Awesomeness" (indirect link and a tip o' the antlers to Shawn King)

Writing for TechNewsWorld, Chris Maxcer is confusing market maturation with failure.

The new super thin iPad Air 2 is starting to get tepid reviews, most of which begrudgingly call it the "best tablet" in the market, while admitting it's boring.

We've seen this show. We went through this a few years ago with smartphones. Pundits lamented that smartphones were so boring. This is what happens with markets. They mature.

Pundits, meanwhile, exhibit an infant's persistence of thought, only being mollified by shiny objects.

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