Strategic enterprise networking opportunities

Der Return on Investment steht auch bei Investitionen im Netzwerkbereich obenan. Die Kommunikation zu verbessern oder mehr Sicherheit zu schaffen, sind dabei die vorrangigen strategischen Ziele, so die Analysten von Datamonitor.


The era of reckless IT spending is over. The recent economic slowdown has resulted in company budgets being slashed, forcing enterprises to focus more on their existing infrastructure and to find ways to use it more effectively. The days of implementing new, expensive solutions to solve each individual networking problem have also come to an end.

In order to make sense of the conflicting messages in the marketplace and to identify immediate opportunities, Datamonitor has conducted a study interviewing 200 major enterprises across Europe - target interviewees were large enterprises with over 1,000 employees and revenues in excess of $500m per annum. Interviewed companies were split relatively evenly among six key European geographies and six vertical market sectors.

The study focuses on the business drivers and key inhibitors believed to influence technology spending decision-making at a strategic level. It helps readers to understand critical end-user perceptions, implementation strategies and market drivers that will be essential in working out how to exploit the opportunities provided by new networking services and security practices.

Technology overview

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