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Von Raoul Le-Blond
Microsofts IT-Abteilung steht vor der Herausforderung, die hauseigene Software als erste einzusetzen und gleichzeitig ihren Wert zu demonstrieren. Trotzdem muss sich CIO Rick Devenuti an der allgemein gültigen Maßgabe, mehr mit weniger zu leisten, orientieren.

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Talking to Rick Devenuti, CIO of MicrosoftMicrosoft, one is gently reminded that telling the IT organisation which he heads at the world's largest software company that they are the "ultimate beta testers" is not a good idea. Alles zu Microsoft auf

Instead, Devenuti, who holds one of the highest-profile CIO positions in the world sees his organisation as coming at the CIO conundrum from both ends of the question. On the one hand, Devenuti's brief is to deliver robust IT infrastructure and services to support Microsoft's day-to-day operations, on time and on budget.

But in deploying a slew of new products, solutions and technologies, Devenuti and team also aim to be a showcase of that technology, and influence the development and customer adoption of Microsoft's technology by being the organisation's best case study, if you will.

Still think technology CIOs have it easy? "The challenges are no different from any other CIO," argues Devenuti, who is also corporate vice president of Operations and Technology Group (OTG). "We have to ensure that the environment is secure, productivity and business value is delivered to investment, and we have to stay aligned with the business. We're not into doing IT for IT's sake. Technology has to bean enabler, and like most CIOs today, we have to do more with less."

In fact, the challenges may be more complex at one of the world's largest technology organisations. The OTG's ambit entail all matters pertaining to Microsoft's technology infrastructure around the world, its corporate and product information, production, distribution as well as ensuring the availability of key internal systems.

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