Botted-hosts number one concern for Network operators: Arbor


The report also found the proportion of respondents seeing APTs on their networks has increased from 22 per cent to 30 per cent year-over-year, while 57 per cent of survey respondents did not have a solution deployed to identify employee-owned devices accessing the corporate network. Denial of service attacks against mobile networks more than doubled with nearly a quarter of those respondents offering mobile services indicated that they have seen DDoS attacks impacting their mobile Internet (Gi) infrastructure.

More than 20 per cent offering mobile services indicated that they had suffered a customer-visible outage due to a security incident, down slightly from about one-third last year. Application-layer attacks have become ubiquitous. They are now common with almost all respondents indicating they have seen them during this survey period.

There was also a dramatic rise in DDoS attack size.

In all previous years of the survey, the largest reported attack was 100 Gbps. This year, attacks peaked at 309 Gbps and multiple respondents reported attacks larger than 100 Gbps. Datacentres were a magnet for DDoS attacks. More than 70 percent operating data centres reported DDoS attacks this year, up dramatically from under a half last year.

The report found DNS infrastructure remained vulnerable. Just over one-third experienced customer-impacting DDoS attacks on DNS infrastructure--an increase from a quarter last year.

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