Google plans to have your home run Android with Project Brillo and Weave

Google has announced a new Android-based OS that could eventually let you tell your oven to turn on and set the temperature for 350 degrees.

Project Brillo is the company's pitch to put and Android-derived operating system into ovens, thermostats, alarms, and any appliance that could use a boost in brain power. Similar to the company's efforts to make an easily-malleable OS available for smart watches, Project Brillo will also feature APIs such as voice recognition.

Your Project Brillo-based oven could thus recognize a phrase telling it to turn on for two hours and set the temperature to 350 degrees. The company said hardware requirements for Brillo will be minimal and there will be wide silicon support. Since it's based on Android, Google execs also said security will be a top priority. 

Accompanying Brillo is a new communications API called Weave which will allow easy communication between phones, the cloud, and smart appliances. Once you tell your home's locks to open or take a picture, other devices will also understand what just happened.

Project Brillo is scheduled for a developer preview in the third quarter of this year and the Weave API will available by the fourth quarter of this year. 


Gordon Mah Ung

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