iOS 8 now on 4 out of 5 Apple mobile devices

Apple says that iOS 8, released to the public in September, can now be found on 81% of iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices accessing the Apple Store. That's up from 77% from Apple's March report and up from 68% in January.

The iOS 7 edition of Apple's software for iPhones and iPads now accounts for just 17% of devices, with 2% on even older versions, according to Apple on its developer page. Some have balked at moving to iOS 8 because of the space required to download it, while others have been spooked by buggy releases.

But iOS 8 has a lot going for it, including that it's compatible with devices as far back as iPhone 4S and iPad 2, from 2011. What's more, people are buying the new iPhone 6 and 6S in droves, with Apple selling 61.2 million units during the the first three months of 2015, way more than the 44 million iPhones it shipped during the same quarter last year.

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Apple reportedly will seek to nip bugs in the bud going forward by giving the public access to beta releases of iOS.

Apple is currently on Version 8.3 of iOS, which included improved performance, bug fixes and a redesigned Emoji keyboard.


Bob Brown

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