Managing data centers via wireless link

Data center management is about to go mobile. Network and systems administrators are tired of working in a cramped environment that is alternately too cold or too hot, and so the idea of managing software and servers via a wireless hookup is about to come into its own, some observers believe.

Admittedly, this setup has its problems, including concerns about interference slowing the performance of a mission-critical application, such as server maintenance, and security. In most wireless setups, security is often geared for executives checking e-mail, not an admin configuring access for a new accounting department ERPERP rollout. Alles zu ERP auf

Indeed, for most large companies, Wi-Fi is the purview of business travelers, those PDA- and laptop-toting power users who need anytime, anywhere access in corporate buildings, at airports and hotels, and at Starbucks. But this kind of access back to the data center is just a matter of time, some believe.

"Remote management over wireless is a big request we get almost daily," says Craig Mathias, principal and founder of Farpoint Group in Ashland, Mass., an expert in wireless networking technology. "No one wants to sit there all day in the data center looking at a console; they have other things they want to do."

"Wireless access offers admins a way to escape constant noise and heat of the data center," says Charles King, an analyst at Pundit-IT Research in Hayward, Calif. "It also offers a single and unified method for delivering data center performance information so it could be useful for aggregating that information to a single location or console. That could help improve or make more efficient management processes."

Wireless remote management: Controversy and benefits

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