Rumor: Cisco Wants to Come to the Tablet Party

Be sure to put this one down as pure rumor: A tipster has hinted that Cisco is working on its very own tablet device.

Cnet's Buzz Out Loud podcast received an e-mail from a listener who claimed that Cisco is working on a business-centric tablet. According to the podcast (37 minutes in) the anonymous tipster hinted that Cisco's tablet will be a 7-inch touchscreen device.

The e-mail went on to detail that the could-be device will run on AndroidAndroid and feature a front facing camera, dual noise-caneling microphones, and VPN remote access. Alles zu Android auf

The e-mail gave no details on price or availability. Cisco has made no official comment regarding the rumor as of yet.

[Cnet via Slashgear]

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