Spec showdown: Surface Book vs. MacBook Pro, from cheapest to priciest

Microsoft wasn’t shy about comparing its new Surface Book laptop to Apple’s MacBook Pro on Tuesday, and for good reason.

A look at each device’s tech specs reveal plenty of similarities, including price points, screen size, battery life, and storage. It’s almost as if Microsoft designed the Surface Book to match the speeds and feeds of Apple’s pro-grade laptops—and then go just a bit further with a detachable touch screen and stylus support.

Still, Apple has the upper hand in some areas, including maximum storage and display options. The base MacBook Pro is also a few hundred dollars cheaper than the low-end Surface Book, which could lure some businesses on a budget.

And specs aside, there’s still the issue of Windows 10 vs. OS X to consider. If your allegiance to either is strong enough, it’s hard to imagine any amount of hardware finesse that would compel a switch.

With that in mind, here’s how the Surface Book and MacBook Pro stack up spec-for-spec, on both the low and high ends of the price spectrum. (One last thing to note: Microsoft has been cagey about the precise CPU and GPU it’s using, so this comparison won’t quite be complete until the Surface Book’s October 26 launch.)


Jared Newman

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