Twitter Use Explodes, Hits 50 Million Tweets Per Day

Recent saying Twitter's might not be very accurate. Users of the micro-blogging social network are posting more messages than ever -- as many as 50 million 140 character-long messages every day, the company on Monday announced in a .

Call it noise or information overload, but TwitterTwitter measured over 600 tweets per second from its users, Twitter's Kevin Weil blogged. The social network is just growing larger and larger, with more users joining every day, Twitter says. Alles zu Twitter auf

The evolution of Twitter is phenomenal. When the service launched in 2007, there were only 5,000 tweets per day; by 2008, the number soared to 300,000, according to the stats released by the micro-blogging service.

By 2009, the number of tweets went up to 2.5 million per day, and then up to 35 million per day towards the end of the year -- a growth of 1,400 percent. In January 2010, Twitter again saw increased use of its service, with over 50 million tweets per day.

The statistics released by Twitter do not include spam accounts and there were no details on geographical spread. Twitter didn't say how many users it has either, though comScore estimates that in January the service attracted around 75 million unique visitors from around the world.

But despite the huge growth Twitter saw, the company is yet to come up with a revenue model for the service. Meanwhile, FacebookFacebook is still the largest social network, with its 400 million users updating their statuses 60 million times per day. Alles zu Facebook auf

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