Batman: Arkham Knight swoops back onto Steam in time for Halloween

The Caped Crusader is almost done sitting in the penalty box. Warner Bros took to Steam Friday to announce the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight will be back on sale “at the end of October,” four months after it was originally yanked from sale because it was a terrible hackjob of a port.

Here’s the full statement:

A bit bold for WB to not-so-subtly play the “Oh by the way, all the DLC will be on sale,” card after all this. No word yet on whether WB plans to apologize in some way to people who bought Arkham Knight four months ago and have been stuck with a semi-busted game ever since—free DLC seems to be the most prevalent wish on the Steam forums. We’ll keep you updated if that, or anything else, occurs.

And we’ll definitely be checking out the new-and-improved Arkham Knight as soon as it’s available. Fool me once, et cetera.


Hayden Dingman

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