Google Slides adds remote phone controls with Chromecast and Airplay

Google Slides users now have a dead-simple way to control presentations remotely, provided there's a Chromecast or Apple TV handy.

With Chromecast (or any Android TV set-top box), users can now beam their presentations to the big screen from the Google Slides app for iOS and Android. As long as the phone and the Chromecast are on the same Wi-Fi network, a "Cast" icon will appear at the top of the Slides app when viewing a presentation.

Apple TV users can also control presentations using AirPlay. Users must swipe up on the iPhone to show the quick settings menu, hit the AirPlay button, then turn on screen mirroring. After loading the presentation and hitting the play button, it'll appear on the television, properly formatted to fit the TV screen.

With either approach, users can swipe left or right to move through slides, and can look down at the phone to see any notes they've made for each slide.

Why this matters: Google Slides started dabbling with remote controls last year, letting users cast their presentations from the desktop Chrome browser, but that won't work if you need to be standing or walking around. While third-party options have been available, they require pairing with a PC. The new built-in support is much simpler, and helps make Google's $35 Chromecast dongle an intriguing office solution. Your move, Microsoft.


Jared Newman

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