Web Services

Calculated Risks

Von Elana Varon
Web Services werden bereits häufig eingesetzt, obwohl endgültige Standards an vielen Stellen noch fehlen. Early Adopter berichten, wie sie Sicherheitsprobleme, hohe Komplexität und andere Hürden bewältigen.

Quelle: CIO, USA

Motorola has committed to the enterprisewide deployment of Web services, with the full knowledge and backing of Samir Desai, senior vice president and CIO.

Never mind that Web services is still an emerging set of communications protocols that most vendors do not fully support.

Never mind that the fulfillment of the Web services promise to simplify integration depends on standards that today are the subject of rancorous debate by competing vendors and standards organizations.

Never mind that if an enterprise such as Motorola bets on standards that are eventually abandoned, its dream of communicating cheaply and efficiently with customers and suppliers would turn into a nightmare of expensive changes and upgrades.

After two years of ever-expanding pilots at Motorola, the business benefits of converting hundreds of applications into Web services and updating the company's underlying IT architecture to support them are, according to Desai, obvious and irresistible.

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