Saba launches new collaboration suite

Web collaboration company Saba is looking to tap into the growing interest in collaboration and video by introducing the Sabe Collaboration Suite with the aim of improving real-time communication across enterprises.

The company is looking primarily to appeal to companies looking to improve their training facilities online.

The CollaborationCollaboration Suite contains a new software offering, Saba Live, which provides enterprises with the ability to use social media within a corporate environment. "Enterprises have been struggling to work out to incorporate social media ," said Milind Pansare, senior director of product marketing at Saba, pointing that one question in particular bugged organisations; " how do you incorporate informal feedback within the process" Alles zu Collaboration auf

He said that Saba Live would enable user feedback to be incorporated with workplace analytics to improve companies' abilities to carry out performance reviews. Pansare said that the software built on work the company had carried out on a previous product, Saba Impressions, which allowed such feedback.

Pamsare said that another important consideration was the way that existing information had been siloed on different software. "A company could have some information on OracleOracle, for example, or some on TwitterTwitter. What we do is unify those profile and use LDAP or Active Directory to add some social information." Alles zu Oracle auf Alles zu Twitter auf

The other part of the Collaboration Suite is Saba Centra, the company's web conferencing software, which incorporates the ability to offer webinars and VoIP capability.

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