Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Interview, Part One

want to be Nathan Drake, a sniper on a tightrope, fingertips that grip better than steel claws, a modern swashbuckler who's parlayed the half-tuck from design band-aid to video game vogue. He's wittier than I'll ever be, far better looking without a shave, and the playable linchpin in 's , the PS3-exclusive sequel to acclaimed 2007 action-adventure .

Uncharted 2's out on October 13th and the multiplayer demo launches this week, so we caught up with Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells and creative director Amy Hennig for an over-the-shoulder peek at the design process.

This is Part One. (Part Two, Part Three, Part Four)

Game On: The early buzz on Uncharted 2 is it's a reason to own a PS3. What does that make it if you already own a PS3

Amy Hennig: [Laughs] A good justification for having bought one, I guess, right A vindication for being an adopter of the PlayStation 3

It's great for us to hear how enthusiastic people are about the game, because you never know when you're working on it. You're just kind of up to your eyeballs and sick of it, and when you start seeing people's reactions, it's such a relief to know that what you were trying to do, you succeeded at, because you lose your objectivity, of course, but also to know you've given people an experience that they're loving that much. It's almost indescribable how cool that is, as a creative person, to know that you've provided that to somebody.

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