Father of SSL says despite attacks, the security linchpin has lots of life left


So on the one hand you have a bunch of smart guys who did a very clever thing. It is clever and it uses a known vulnerability and it shows what you can do with these things. On the other hand, the real issue is Windows is a really terrible operating system -- what can you say. It's pretty amenable to malware that can redirect stuff. It's a combination of a lot of things.

What's the practical step to take Go to TLS 1.1

Unfortunately no. That is the problem. The browsers still do not support TLS 1.1. That is actually the real problem. TLS 1.1 is more than two years old. It's not like it came out last week.

What can a corporate user do about the problem

You have to watch out for malware. What can I say You should watch out for it in any case. Make sure you're running your machine in a good state, and you're running a/v and that kind of stuff, anti-malware spotting things -- which you do in any case. If you've got malware on your machine somebody's reading your data regardless of SSL.

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