Plastic circuits to make tougher, greener computers

Two Australian engineers are set to shake up the computer and electronics industries by discovering a way to make circuits out of plastic.

So-called is being developed by Professor David Thiel and MadhusudanRao Neeli at the facult of engineering and information technology at Griffith University in Brisbane.

CIP aim to be more environmentally friendly than traditional circuits as they can be made from recycled plastic, don't contain any hazardous substances, and since packaging is part of the base circuit board there is no need additional packaging material.

Different 3D shaped circuits can be made using CIP which are also waterproof.

The new concept was featured on the ABC television show where a working circuit was demonstrated.

"The circuit board is a plastic sheet in which all components are placed in divots," Thiel said. "The conductor is screen-printed into a thin cover sheet which is then thermally bonded to the circuit board."

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