Rainforest Foundation uses open source tool to track greenhouse gases


The MappingForRights.org interactive website and database is built on free open-source software and allows access to hundreds of detailed digital maps, most of which have been prepared by forest communities themselves with training and support from the Rainforest Foundation and other organisations.

Multi-media content such as photos, videos and music provides insights into the lives and livelihoods of the communities, whilst the maps show areas important for activities such as subsistence hunting, gathering, fishing and cultural activities.

The maps also show how inhabitants of the forest are threatened by logging, mining, industrial plantations and sometimes "strict nature protection".

MappingForRights.org will also allow communities spread throughout forest areas to relay geographically accurate reports or images straight into the map database, using smartphones or GPS devices and locally available computer services, to provide real-time monitoring of alleged illegal logging, poaching or land-grabs.

Photo: AdamJWC

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